When he comes home for the holidays, the boy finds out his mother is missing and sees old groceries in the fridge – women after 40

A boy who comes home for the holidays finds out that his mother is missing and has noticed for some time that her refrigerator contains out-of-date groceries.

“Mom, you have to stop this. You call me to ask me the most banal questions. Yes I had breakfast I’m not a kid ok I know how to live stop treating me like one!” John shot his mother when she called him that Saturday morning…

“But Pumpkin, I just wanted to know how you are. This is the first time you’ve been so far from home, I’m a little worried, that’s all,” Sarah replied.

“Come on mom,” her son replied. “Aren’t you tired of bothering me like this every day? I have a class at 10 so I’m leaving, just stop calling me so much, bye!”

“I understand, John, but listen… I wanted to ask you if you could make it home for the holidays. I plan to cook all your favorite dishes… Hello, l? Are you there? Hi?”

Unfortunately the call had already ended and sad as that was, Sarah got used to it as it wasn’t the first time it had happened. Her son had often hung up abruptly that month.

The boy had insisted that he wanted to study in Oklahoma after high school, but it was a far cry from where she had lived with him for years. Sarah was worried about the cost of pulling it through, and the fact that he’d never been this far from home made her worry too.

Ever since her husband left her, her son was the only one she could count on. She didn’t like how far away his favorite institution was, but eventually gave in to his request to study there because she wanted to make him happy.

John had insisted that after high school he wanted to study in Oklahoma | Source: Pexel

For the first few months after moving to Oklahoma, John kept in touch. He called her regularly on the weekends to make sure she was okay – a real mama’s boy.

Everything changed drastically a few months later. She would call him, but he never answered those calls, instead leaving a voice message saying he was busy and would speak to her later. Over time these stopped coming and discussions became hasty, to which her son never returned.

It wasn’t until one morning when Sarah was getting ready to go to work and she got a call from John. When she looked at her phone and saw his name flash on her screen, the mother was delighted.

However, when she took the call, that excitement melted away. It wasn’t a call to check on her – no, it was a request for help buying a new laptop because his old one had some issues.

That day Sarah cried, just like this morning when her son ended the call and told her not to try again. After being exhausted, the hurt mother wiped her tears and then left home to work.

A week later, John came home for the holidays, but Sarah was nowhere to be found. He and his friends had a trip planned, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of them decided to postpone it.

When Sarah looked at her phone and saw his name flash on her screen, she was delighted | Source: Pexel

John didn’t like the fact that the trip was postponed indefinitely because he had to return home. He was still thinking about how much he’d rather not be home when he realized he’d rang the doorbell twice with no answer.

“Mom? Is anyone home?” he has called.

It was just after six in the evening, so he figured she was probably late from work. He looked around for the spare key and found it under a potted plant, then entered the house.

The first thing he noticed was the horrible smell coming from the kitchen and the layer of dust that seemed to cover everything. The living room windows were ajar and the whole house was infested with spiders and their webs.

“Really, mom? You should have at least closed the windows,” John growled as he closed them. “And why on earth is the house in such a state? We need to talk mom! He muttered angrily to himself as he made his way to his room, which looked just as awful.

There wasn’t as much dust there as in the living room, but it wasn’t completely clean. It looked like the duvet hadn’t been changed in months and there was no water in the bathroom.

John’s anger rose the more he was responsible for the mess. Angry, he stormed downstairs in search of water bottles, but none were available. In the fridge he saw some plastic containers full of spoiled food and expired food.

“What’s up with mom these days?” the boy wondered perplexed as he took out some packaged groceries and checked their expiration dates. The cheese was rotten and the bread was moldy.

The first thing John noticed was the horrible smell coming from the kitchen | Source: Pexel

The first thing John noticed was the horrible smell coming from the kitchen | Source: Pexel

Seeing this, John got angry and called his mother again; However, the call didn’t go through the first few times, and when it did, Sarah said nothing.

He ended this conversation in anger and then waited for his mother to come back so he could confront her appropriately. After several hours had passed and she hadn’t, John tried her line again, but she didn’t answer his call.

“Mom, where are you? It’s getting too late to be outside!” John thought, so he decided to look around the neighborhood to see if she had stopped at any of the neighboring houses for tea on the way home to drink.

Sarah had told John in the past about her neighbors, the Milners, who were always very kind to her. That was the most likely place she could be, he thought anyway.

When he knocked on her front door, a woman who appeared to be in her late 60s answered. “Hello, can I help you?” She asked.

“My name is John Phillips, your neighbor’s son. My mom isn’t home and she doesn’t answer my calls, so I was wondering if she stopped by here.”

“Are you her son? And you don’t know where she usually spends the night?”

“What? Mom comes home at 7 every night. She’s a cashier at a grocery store.” Johannes replied.

John visited her neighbor to inquire about Sarah | Source: Pexel

John visited her neighbor to inquire about Sarah | Source: Pexel

The woman looked at him in disappointment and asked him to wait. When she came back she had a piece of paper with an address scrawled on it.

“Go here and you will find her. And John? You should do better in the future,” she said before slamming the door in his face.

“Woah. That’s a lot of attitude. I just wanted to know if my mother was visiting. It was a simple question,” John thought as he got into a cab to the address written on the slip.

When he got there he was shocked to see that it was a slum with a shady shelter in one corner.

John entered and asked the owner about his mother and he was directed to a dumpster behind the shelter; There he met his mother, who was packing up the garbage and throwing it in the bins. She appeared to search the Dumpster for valuables and food, and occasionally ate whatever she found inside.

“Mom, stop it!” John ran to her, his throat clogged with tears. “What’s the matter with you, mom? Why are you here?”

“John!” exclaimed Sarah, stunned. “I didn’t expect to see you here, Pumpkin.”

“First you have to tell me why you’re here, Mom. This place is so gross,” John said, on the verge of tears.

“Oh, baby,” Sarah said sheepishly.

“I started working here after losing my job at the grocery store…” the woman said, revealing all that had happened.

It turned out that Sarah had been fired because she was often late, ill or too tired for work. She was struggling to get a job elsewhere until she found one at an animal shelter a few weeks ago.

John found his mother picking up the trash and throwing it in the bins | Source: Shutterstock

John found his mother picking up the trash and throwing it in the bins | Source: Shutterstock

But the pay was low, so she saved all her income for John so he wouldn’t have any trouble continuing at university.

“I’m working the night shift here now, baby. My job is to clean the shelter every day, which isn’t too tiring for me, and I always find food or coins. The house is neglected because I come home in the morning and at the end of the day I am always so exhausted that I cannot clean the house. Still, I enjoy my job and it’s not that bad!” Sarah said with a faint smile on her face.

Hearing all this, John realized it was all because she was trying to support him.

“I’m sorry you had to go through all this mom,” the boy said as he hugged his mother and sobbed. “It’s all because of me. You won’t be working here any longer, mom. You do not have to.”

“But John…” Before she could say anything, he cut her off.

“I will support you mom and I will do better as a son too. Please forgive me!” John said, keeping his promise.

He worked part-time at a diner near her home and used his first paycheck to buy her a bouquet of flowers and a card claiming she was the best mom in the world.

When it came time for him to return to university, he applied to work part-time as a laboratory assistant.

He sent a letter to his dean citing his mother’s health and financial problems and luckily the dean agreed so he could continue to support his mother.

On the other hand, Sarah also started working as a cashier in a clothing store and assured her son of support. A few years later, John finished university, found a good job, then moved back in with his mother and began caring for her full-time.

https://womenafter40.com/coming-home-for-the-holidays-boy-learns-his-mom-is-missing-and-sees-old-groceries-in-the-fridge/ When he comes home for the holidays, the boy finds out his mother is missing and sees old groceries in the fridge – women after 40


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