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An Oklahoma mom woke up to find her little girl crying while staying at a friend’s in Tulsa. She picked the little girl up to calm her as the baby belched inches from the mother’s face.

She was immediately overwhelmed by a disgusting smell which she recognized immediately and which caused her to look at her friend in horror.

Monique Bibbs had her 3-month-old daughter in tow as she headed to a party at her friend’s house over the weekend.

She put the baby to bed while the adult friends drank until they either passed out or fell asleep. Monique was woken up the next morning because she had forgotten to feed her baby, who was now crying for a bottle.

However, shortly after mixing the formula and feeding it to her, the 36-year-old realized what had happened and looked at her friend in horror.

According to KJRH, Monique picked up her baby and headed to the kitchen, where she used what she thought was water from a container left on the counter to mix the infant formula and feed her baby.

After her daughter finished eating, Monique belched her over her shoulder as a sweet stench came from the infant’s mouth. It smelled unmistakably of apple vodka, and her baby had just downed a large dose of it. Her baby was already starting to behave strangely, but what the mother did about it made it worse.

Distraught over the accident, she looked at her boyfriend Leo, who was home at the time, and told him what had happened while wondering what to do.

Obviously Monique didn’t feel urgent enough to get the 3-month-old to the hospital, or maybe she was nervous about the consequences she would face for her ridiculous mistake, so she waited until later to see a doctor than herself Infant’s systems were deteriorating, according to Corporal Greg Smith.

Smith was rushed to the hospital after the baby’s blood alcohol level dropped to 0.19, which is much higher than the legal limit of 0.08 for an adult. Monique is now facing child neglect charges over the poisoning of her child, but Leo claims it was just an “unusual accident”.

Calling it a freak accident deflects the guilt from where it should be — with the irresponsible mom who wouldn’t have delivered her baby at a party house all night, or using a randomly left dirty container as water for her baby’s bottle must . That was her first mistake, and not smelling it while pouring was her second. The last, and possibly worst, was waiting until the end of the day to do something about it. Then it is no longer just an “accident”, but willful negligence.

There were so many wrong decisions from start to finish that made it clear that this wasn’t a “freak accident”. It was gross negligence. She’s lucky that her baby is expected to make a full recovery, but that doesn’t mean she should have that child or the other two children back right away.

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