Where Does Louisiana Go for Mac and Cheese? Here’s Your Answer

Today, July 14, has been declared National Mac and Cheese Day and hungry Louisiana residents will be celebrating in droves. Or maybe they just pick up a box of the dry stuff at their favorite grocery store. To be honest, we really don’t know who started Mac and Cheese Day today, nor do we know why they picked that particular day.

What we do know is that we’re pretty darn glad they did, because it gives us a chance to share your many thoughts on great places to enjoy the ooey-gooey goodness of one of America’s favorite comfort foods.

When you break down the macaroni and cheese into their basic components, it’s really nothing more than a very wet cheese sandwich. Pasta, i.e. bread, is served in a cheese sauce. This sauce can contain a variety of spices and ingredients. It’s this variety of spices and ingredients that sparks debate about the “best spot in Louisiana” for mac and cheese.

We took to social media to ask where to find your favorite macaroni and cheese, and the response came as no surprise. The favorite place to get a bowl of cheesy, creamy goodness was at home. Yes, about a third of the people who responded to our question said the best mac and cheese was made by a family member, a friend, or the person themselves.

Mac and Cheese is a very personal experience.

Chick Fil A via Facebook

Chick Fil A via Facebook

But in terms of commercial macaroni and cheese, the two fast food places most frequently mentioned by our commenters were Chick-fil-A and Popeyes. These two franchises know each other well from the “chicken sandwich wars” of the not too distant past.

Popeye via Facebook

Popeye via Facebook

The other “popular” answer that many of our commenters noted was “power”. Yes, the buy-in-a-box mac and cheese was more than good enough for a lot of people. I think what’s happening in a lot of Louisiana homes is that plain Kraft mac and cheese is being tweaked a bit. We could use onions, peppers, celery, or even smoked bacon or ham chunks to make our inexpensive comfort food taste more “fancy”.

Area restaurants that also made the cut were Don’s Seafood Hut on Johnston Street in Lafayette. There was also a little love for Newks, Ton’s Drive-In, and even Albertson’s Deli. Other honorable mentions when searching for the best mac and cheese include Broaddu’s Burger, Cracker Barrel, and Marcello’s Truffle Mac.

Priyanka Aggarwal via Unsplash.com

Priyanka Aggarwal via Unsplash.com

The earliest known recipe for macaroni and cheese was reportedly written down in a cookbook found in northern Europe in the late 1760s. This recipe was included in The experienced English housekeeper, a cookbook from that time. You can actually buy the book on Amazon.com.

The recipe back then is very similar to how mac and cheese is made today. It starts with a béchamel, think roux, mixed with cooked macaroni and shredded cheese. The entire concoction is topped with more shredded cheese and baked until bubbly.

In America, we owe the popularity of mac and cheese to Thomas Jefferson, so to speak. It was Jefferson who brought the recipe from Europe, but it was enslaved chef James Hemings who created the dish for Jefferson and his guests, and that notoriety put Mac and Cheese on the map.

Whether you’re going out today or staying home to enjoy your comfort food with mac and cheese, just know one thing: you’re eating history with every bite. You’re also consuming around 300 to 500 calories in each serving, oh and you might want to watch sodium levels too. Good Appetite.

Never put these foods in the crock pot

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