Who is Alex in XO, Kitty? Explained

Who is Alex in XO, Kitty? Explained. We are discussing the character of Alex from the original Netflix romance series. This article contains spoilers.

The Netflix teenager Rome comedy XO, Kitty focuses on the many young adult novels written by students at KISS, the Korean Independent School of Seoul. But there’s a far more interesting subplot to this bubblegum romance.

Kitty has traveled to Seoul to follow in her mother’s footsteps, and there’s a whole backstory waiting to be explored as Kitty learns her mother’s darkest secret. The character of Alex All family drama is connected to all family drama, but who is Alex? XO, Kitty?

Who is Alex in XO, Kitty?

Alex Finnerty is a new teacher at KISS who happens to be from Melbourne, Australia. He starts at KISS in the same semester as Kitty. He is Kitty’s chemistry teacher. Alex quickly develops a good friendship with Kitty as the two newcomers seem to be attracted to each other.

As the series progresses, Kitty begins to investigate her mother’s past. She finds out that Eve, her mother, had had a child in 1993, but put her up for adoption. The baby was adopted in Australia. Kitty quickly joins in, believing Alex is her half-brother.

After the Chuseok meal, Alex informs Kitty that he believes his father is Professor Lee. Kitty tells Alex that she believes her mother is his mother too. But later Yuri and Kitty learn the real truth about Alex’s parents.

Is Alex Yuri’s biological brother?

During the long detention, Yuri and Kitty continue to investigate their mothers’ past together. They discover that Eve and Jina (Yuri’s mother) were best friends. In the yearbook photo, Jina looks like she’s pregnant. Kitty realizes that Alex’s mother is not Eve, but Jina. Eve covered Jina to protect her friend.

Yuri and Alex are half-siblings who have the same mother but different fathers. Alex later meets up with Jina and seeks answers. He had done a DNA test which led him to Professor Lee. He then decided to take a job at the school to get to know Professor Lee better. He didn’t know about his mother until Kitty found out.

Jina ends up telling everyone involved the truth. Inform Professor Lee and Yuri about Alex. She says that she didn’t tell Professor Lee to protect him at the time. He’s hurt, of course, by her lies. In the end, Jina vows to spend more time with Alex in the future.

Who plays Alex in XO, Kitty?

Alex is played by Peter Thurnwald, an aspiring Australian actor. Similar to the plot in XO, KittyPeter Thurnwald was also adopted from South Korea and grew up in Australia. After importing an extra in Kong: Skull IslandPeter Thurnwald looks back on a successful television career.

What is Peter Thurnwald known for?

Peter Thurnwald is known for his role as Foresite on the original series Paramount+ player and take on a bigger role Bump, depicting the character of Lachie Koh. He currently has no other roles in pre-production, but Peter Thurnwald is an emerging talent to watch for in the future.

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