Who plays Cassie Lang in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania? Explained

Who plays Cassie Lang in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania? We explain the character and reasons behind the replacements for the MCU film.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is approaching with great strides, and the film will not only give the audience a first real insight Kan the Conquerorbut there will be Ant-Man’s daughter, Cassie Lang, a much larger role than she had in previous films.

In the first trailer for Quantumaniashe’s the one in charge of herself ant man, wasp, Janet van Dyne, and Hank Pym get trapped quantum realm. Later moments also see her donning her costume as the heroine Stature. The second trailer doesn’t show much of Cassie, instead focusing on Kang and Ant-Man.

Marvel made the decision to recast the character once again, so a total of three different people played the character, and audiences wonder why she was changed again.

Why did you replace Cassie Lang?

Marvel is no stranger to replacing actors in their franchises, and Cassie is no exception. She was first played by Abby Ryder Fortson in ant man and its continuation Ant Man and the Wasp. Fortson portrayed the character during her younger years, giving the character a childlike charm and an admiration for her father.

When it came to the five-year gap Avengers: Endgame, Marvel had to recast the actress to keep up with Cassie’s age at this point. Emma Fuhrman took on that role, playing Cassie in her late teens and delivering an emotional scene after she realized her father was still alive after spending the last five years presuming he was dead.

From this point on, it was assumed that Fuhrmann would continue the role in all future projects as she was the right age to play a Cassie who had grown into her teenage years and was preparing to begin her adult life. But in 2020, when Marvel boss Kevin Feige announced the title of the Ant-Man thriller, he also announced that Kathryn Newton would be taking on the role of Scott’s daughter.

No reason was given for the actor swap, but it’s likely because Fuhrmann was a good Cassie endgameMarvel needed someone with more experience going forward. Quantumania will give Cassie a much bigger role in the MCU, along with future appearances. Newton, while still a rising star, is a bigger name as a carter and more experienced as an actress. This gives her the advantage when Marvel wants Cassie to have more screen time in the future.

The answer probably doesn’t lie in scheduling conflicts with other projects, as it did at the time of Quantumanias Production Fuhrmann made no other films.

Who is the new Cassie Lang?

Cassie Lang is now played by Kathryn Newton, who is perhaps best known for her performance as junior reporter Lucy Stevens in the 2019 film Detective Pikachu.

Newton has also had several starring roles, such as in the CBS comedy Gary UnmarriedHBO’s mystery drama Big little lies and the Netflix teen drama Society.

How old is Cassie Lang in Ant-Man 3?

Director Peyton Reed has revealed how old Cassie Lang is Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which also helps determine the year in which it occurs. In an interview with the YouTube channel Nerdbunker, Reed explained that Cassie turns 18 in the film.

“Cassie turns 18 in this movie! That’s great! The whole issue is time and how much time he’s wasted, and his main motivation is just, “I want time with my daughter.” And now he comes into contact with the villain of this film, Kang the Conqueror, who has a kind of dominion over time. What does that mean for you? But I love the idea that Scott is still related to Cassie as a kid, but she’s not. She’s a young adult now, she has her own ideas of what it means to do good in the world and she’s trying to find her voice as a heroine, and she can be a little critical of her father too.”

He went on to say how Cassie’s approach to adulthood affects the theme of family in the film.

“That seemed like really wealthy, something that identifies very well with families, right? Because you don’t always tell your parents everything you do, they don’t always tell you everything they’ve been through, that’s exciting for us, and the Ant-Man movies are always about families. Throwing all these different complications at the characters and pushing them to the limit, I think that’s one of the things that Paul and I love about these films.”

Cassie was born on July 19, 2007, which means that Quantumania takes place in 2025, two years after the events of endgame.

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