Will King Charles’ Reign Spell Disaster for the Church?

With the coronation of King Charles III recently announced for spring 2023. the world wonders what changes the rule of the new monarch will bring. Unfortunately, if Charles carries out his plan for the monarchy, it will spell disaster for Protestant Christianity throughout the West.

The British monarch’s full title is His Majesty Charles the Third, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of His other Realms and Territories, King, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith. “

“Defender of the Faith” is an honorary title originally bestowed upon Henry VIII by the Pope. When Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the church door, the Roman Catholic world was outraged. Henry (then still a practicing Catholic) went on the offensive. He slammed Luther and called him “one [weak] little monk” in a long book entitled “Defense of the Seven Sacraments”.

Impressed by Henry’s élan – and no doubt flattered by his mention in the book’s dedication – Pope Leo X proclaimed Henry “Defender of the Faith.” This cherished title has been borne by every British monarch ever since.

As England broke away from the Catholic Church in the Protestant Reformation, the title Defender of the Faith grew from a reward for past service to an ongoing duty for subsequent rulers. Although many monarchs were grossly flawed leaders, not always displaying perfect Christian virtues, the Crown, as head of the Anglican Church, should be a constant warrior in defense of Protestant Christianity.


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Queen Elizabeth II understood this duty and was a fierce defender of Anglicanism and Protestantism.

In 1957, Elizabeth began the tradition of giving annual televised Christmas addresses. During a period of global secularisation, the Queen “continued to preserve the settlement of the true Protestant religion”, and later Elizabeth became the first monarch to inaugurate and speak before the Anglican Synod (the legislative body of the Anglican Church). This has led to Elizabeth being described as a “true believer” and “the most religious sovereign since the Reformation”.

Unlike his late mother, Charles keeps his distance from Christianity. In an address the day after Elizabeth’s death, Charles noted that his faith was merely “rooted” in the Anglican Church and avoided saying whether he was a practicing Christian or whether he believed in the church he represented.

Even more strikingly, Charles once expressed a bizarre desire to only become “defenders of the faith” rather than defenders of the faith, and later backed down in an unconvincing “retreat.”

Is Charles a Strong Christian Leader?

This lies at the heart of the problem with his reign and highlights an ongoing problem in Protestantism today: Protestants have forgotten everything they stand for.

Charles is only the head of a faith; other religions do not need it. Muslims have caliphs. Hindus have swamis. Atheists have condescending teenage YouTubers. These faith leaders do not see it as a priority to rush to defend faiths other than their own, about which they may know little and with which they have even less in common.

Countless Protestant churches – particularly those closely associated with Anglicanism, such as Methodism – have clashed over their core values ​​in recent years.

While Methodists were once the driving force behind rule in the moral decadence of the Regency era, Methodist ministers today dress in drag as they write poetry declaring, “Queerness is divine” and “God is nothing.”

The United Church of Christ published an article in 2021 raising sympathetic views of “Christian polyamory.” The UCC was pathologically unable to take a negative stance on adultery.


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In the Presbyterian Church, General Assembly meetings were opened with prayers to Allah. One has to wonder why the Presbyterian leadership supports prayers of a religion that denies the divinity of Christ.

In a heartbreaking example that threatens youth, the Episcopal Church has advocated permanent “sex reassignment” surgeries on children. The long-term medical risks for children undergoing “sex reassignment” surgery (including infertility and cancer) are well known. The biblical teachings on protecting children are well established. Yet the Episcopal Church has remained undeterred in its zeal to be hip.

Christians should be outraged. As absurd as it may seem, Anglicans, Methodists and other Protestants all have something in common: their leaders seem to have no affinity with the church they serve. First, they have an agenda, and second, they have theology.

For many Protestant denominations today, politics is the altar before which God must kneel or risk being driven from his own home.

When Christ turned over the tables in the temple, he did so because he detested the use of a holy place as a marketplace. What would Christ do to a church whose pulpits have de jure become nothing more than a marketplace for the awakened ideology?

There is no doubt that those in the Protestant leadership have subverted their core beliefs out of a well-meaning sense of tolerance. While some tolerance can often be a good thing, it is important to remember that tolerance requires that you tolerate beliefs other than your own.

That of course requires you to have some beliefs of your own. You can’t really tolerate other people’s beliefs if you don’t believe in anything. The person with the weakest beliefs is the quickest to give in to societal pressures.

If Protestants cannot remember such important teachings as the need to protect children and the need to defend our faith before all others, we risk becoming the Israelites of Exodus 32:1 who lost faith in God and worshiped their own creations.

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