WILLIAMS: Israelis and Palestinians must rise above cruelty and coexist

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Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel, ruthlessly killing over 1,000 Israelis in the name of their God and to further their desire for Israel’s land.

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These savages – as they can aptly be called – in concert with Iran and its disjointed Palestinian allies, have a single goal: the annihilation of Israel and its people. The good news for Israel is that this may be the extent of the attackers’ capabilities. But despite Israel’s overwhelming power and strength, they were caught by surprise. The pressing question on all of our minds is how this could have happened given Israel’s extensive spy network and technology that intercepts conversations from all parts of the Middle East. How could they miss that?

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The ongoing regional conflict, with roots dating back to at least the early 20th century, experienced another episode when Hamas launched an attack on Israel. We must recognize that this is not necessarily a failure of US or Israeli intelligence.

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The nature of the attacks Israel has faced suggests the work of a group more akin to a militia than a truly centralized, coordinated effort.

Militias present a unique challenge. Ironically, the lack of central coordination means that their actions are often more unpredictable and therefore difficult to predict. This dynamic can be seen in places like Afghanistan, which is colloquially referred to as the “graveyard of empires.” The region’s heavy reliance on militias to combat opponents creates a treacherous environment for invading forces. The unpredictable nature of militias, with their varying degrees of sophistication, numerous units, and scattered operations, leaves armies essentially in the dark, relying solely on the immediate intelligence gathered by their frontline troops.

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The September 11 attacks are a reminder that even the most powerful superpowers can be surprised by small militia groups, regardless of the intensity of their defenses. The events of that day were orchestrated by ordinary men armed with knives, and the consequences were arguably the greatest tragedy in American history. In many ways, like Israel, the United States has thwarted countless conspiracies – far more than the general public probably wants to know. However, all it takes is one overlooked detail, a lack of intelligence, to have immense impact.

In the current scenario, we see individuals flying to Israel in powered gliders and wielding AK-47s. This is not a conventional army; It is not a group that can be put together to negotiate. It’s a stark contrast to the times of Henry Kissinger, when diplomatic back-and-forth could lead to treaties and conflict resolution. In this situation there is no place for such traditional diplomacy. The most viable course of action seems to be defense and retaliation in the hope that lessons are learned. This way, if you are surprised again, the response can be quicker and more effective.

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The behavior of some pro-Palestinian activists celebrating this brutality is nothing short of appalling. These are not advocates of peace or a noble cause; They seem to have lost all connection with humanity. Their behavior is similar to that of savages who delight in violence and flaunt their heinous deeds as if they were collecting trophies. When groups like the New York City Democratic Socialists of America gather in places like Times Square and in front of the Israeli Consulate in support of these actions, as they did recently, it is a chilling reminder of the depths of depravity to which some are ready to sink. The frightening reality is that there are supporters of this kind of barbarism right on our doorstep.

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There is a thought-provoking sentiment that I encountered recently that offers a unique perspective on this conflict situation. It asks: “If both sides had the power to do whatever they wanted, what would they do?” It is undeniable that Israel has a formidable military. They have the means to exert overwhelming force if they wish. Within a day, Palestine could have disappeared from the face of the earth. Nevertheless, they show restraint. This reluctance is not only based on fear of international condemnation, but is also rooted in their national and humanistic values. These savages are different. If the roles were reversed, they would undoubtedly kill every Jew and Israeli; The sight of dead Israeli corpses paraded in Palestine proves this point.

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Proponents of this indiscriminate massacre do so on the grounds that they believe it is morally justifiable. The moral justification for the looting, followed by rape, murder and subsequent display of their corpses is incomprehensible to me. But even assuming that it was somehow justified, we must remember that it was entirely a lie. These fringe organizations often express their support, even though the media, now much more pro-Israel, regularly spreads false information about this regional conflict. The idea that Israel deliberately targets Palestinian children and adults for slaughter is an absurdity that contradicts the facts.

Every time weapons and rockets are aimed at Israel, Israel retaliates by immobilizing those weapons. But unfortunately, these terrorists keep these weapons in schools and residential buildings. Is Israel responsible for Hamas deliberately stockpiling these weapons in schools with the intention of using the bodies of children as a defense mechanism?

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Must Israel simply allow its own children to be constantly bombarded with rockets? These behaviors are consistent with criminal savages, not saints, and they certainly do not deserve worship. However, it is given to them, and in this world we will constantly have to contend with savages and those who support them. Savages are doomed to exist. They are unresponsive to rationality.

I firmly believe that the vast majority of Palestinians, like people everywhere, are good-hearted people who seek a peaceful life without the constant shadow of conflict. The world needs more voices that advocate for love over territory and unity over division. We should promote understanding and coexistence rather than allowing narrow political agendas to dictate our future. We must overcome the strife, come together and create a future filled with hope and prosperity for all.

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