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A lady was in traffic waiting at a traffic light when she looked out the window and noticed a soldier sitting on a bench.

Seeing people relaxing outdoors is not uncommon on a Kansas afternoon, but what this soldier did made her stop in utter amazement.

Tammra Bose was driving alone in Topeka, Kansas when the soldier caught her interest.

If she hadn’t gotten stuck at that traffic light, she probably would have missed this amazing moment. She would have walked past the spot before the man in uniform made it his place for a reason.

The witness told WIBW she saw the soldier stop at the ramp and quickly jump out of his car. Confused as to why he acted so suddenly, she waited to see where he was headed.

At that moment he went straight to a bench surrounded with all the possessions of a man, and the soldier took a seat. Across from him, a homeless man sat alone on an upturned bucket.

Photo Bose captured in Kansas by a soldier and a homeless man

Time stood still for Bose, who decided everything else could wait as she sat on the curb in awe of that compassion. The soldier simply spoke to the homeless man and made him feel like a friend after probably all day feeling anonymous to any passer-by who was too busy to even look his way or acknowledge his presence .

In 2011, Kansas’ homeless population was approximately 2,570 people, and overcrowding in homeless shelters was a problem in the state, LJ World reported. Homelessness is also an ongoing issue for veterans. About 11 percent of the adult homeless population are veterans, according to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans.

About 1.4 million other veterans are reported to be at risk of homelessness due to poverty, lack of support systems and substandard living conditions in overcrowded housing. [Source: Opposing Views]

Bose was so moved by the Good Samaritan and snapped a photo of the heartwarming scene. It was important to her to let the world know that our fighters are not only fierce defenders of our freedom, but also have a deep compassion for their fellow citizens of this great country, regardless of their social status.

“I would love it if the world saw this picture because it says more than a thousand words. It’s so heartwarming,” she told the news channel. “I thought it was nice of the soldier to get out of his car and talk to the man.”

The character of this unknown hero is as strong as his courage. His actions are a reminder that we can all spare a few minutes in a day to show someone who needs you care. Nothing else mattered at that moment except this homeless man for the soldier who has respect for Americans and knows no one should be left behind.

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https://womenafter40.com/woman-notices-soldiers-at-the-side-of-the-road-and-is-taken-aback-when-she-discovers-what-they-are-up-to/ Woman Notices Soldiers At The Side Of The Road And Is Taken Aback When She Discovers What They Are Up To – Women After 40


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