Woman Trapped On Plane Next To Insulting Man When Deep Voice Says ‘We Are Switching Seats. Now.’ – Women After 40

Savannah Phillips, 32, is pretty used to traveling on planes, but when she witnessed a horrifying and heartbreaking situation, she wasn’t quite sure what to do.

She was preparing for her flight to Chicago when the flight time was pushed back earlier due to upcoming storms.

She couldn’t choose her seat and it was assigned to her when she arrived at the gate.

This made her quite nervous as she usually tried to sit in a row by herself to comfort herself and others, knowing she is a plus size woman and feeling insecure about the weight she had left from her pregnancy wore.

Savannah sat next to a man in his 60s who said he was a comedian. He was wearing light-colored sunglasses and seemed friendly and nice at first.

But then, as a flight attendant began delivering the usual safety speech, the man pulled out his cell phone.

The screen brightness was turned to the maximum and the font made very large so it was very easy to see what was on it, especially for Savannah who was only a foot away.

And what was on that screen crushed her.

The man started texting someone and said he was sitting next to a “smelly fat man”.

Savannah felt nauseous realizing this was how this man felt about her.

She battled her own insecurities about her body on a daily basis while striving to shed pregnancy weight.

She looked away and began to cry softly and was horrified to hear that the plane would be delayed 30 minutes before takeoff so she would have to spend more time next to the old man.

Then suddenly a man patted the cruel comedian on the shoulder and demanded to switch places with him.

He said he could see the lyrics from his seat and refused to see it.

The seats were switched and the man named Chase was shocked that she cried and saw the tests.

He told her everything would be fine and they talked about their families, jobs and life.

Savannah was so thankful for what Chase did!

A flight attendant who knew what happened even gave Chase several free drinks as thanks for his heroic actions.

Learn more about what happened when Savannah was able to find Chase after the flight in this video! Woman Trapped On Plane Next To Insulting Man When Deep Voice Says ‘We Are Switching Seats. Now.’ – Women After 40

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