Yellowstone Wolf Pack Surrounds Grizzly Bear In “Once In A Lifetime” Footage

Every year millions and millions of people visit Yellowstone National Parkbut not everyone gets a show like this.

Captured by Yellowstone’s Adam Brubaker of Tied to Nature, the video begins in the Hayden Valley area of ​​Yellowstone with a couple of wolves from the Wapiti Lake Pack and a curious grizzly bear.

You’d think a bear would want to run away when outnumbered by a few wolves, but no, this guy charges forward to get a better look.

“I think more than anything he wants to know what it is and what’s going on. That’s why he got up. The same goes for humans; they don’t want to be surprised by anything.”

Phew, surprise…

Two wolves became three, five, fifteen and all that when the sudden grizzly has a big problem.

And as they circled and took turns nibbling on him, our guide explains in the video that they are most likely just trying to escort him off their territory and that there was no intention of killing the bear.

“They’re just leading him away, so it’s not like they’re attacking him, but it’s like, ‘Hey, we don’t want you here.'”

Basically driving the bear away like a pack of German shepherds… just a little more aggressively.

I think it goes without saying, but the people on the tour were more than enthusiastic about this kind of encounter. If you have the opportunity to come to Yellowstone, I would highly recommend going there.

Brubaker called the encounter a “unique sighting”.

“I had the great opportunity to share this once in a lifetime sighting of wolves and grizzlies while touring in Yellowstone today. This grizzly was looking for food at the other end of the valley when wolves started to cross his path.

The grizzly began to stand on its hind legs to get a better view of what was going on and then began to approach the wolves. Soon the rest of the wolf pack will appear and escort the bear into the trees.”

Natural man… I fucking love it.

Grizzly bear fends off wolves to protect moose carcasses

That’s a solid 3.5 minutes of fear.

Crystal-clear video was captured September 23 in Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park and shows a big old grizzly bear with his kill moose going nose-to-nose with a gray wolf.

Needless to say, these two majestic beasts want to taste that delicious elk meat, but old Grizz won’t let them.

The person who shot the video had this to say:

“Grizzly bear 791 in Yellowstone Park defends its moose catch from an invading gray wolf. 791 recently retrieved the elk in the Yellowstone River and buried it on the riverbank to mask the smell of the decaying carcass.

But after a few days, the wolves started picking it up. This wolf was alone and therefore not much of a threat to the massive grizzly. It was more of a game for him to see how close the dominant bear would let him get to his prey.

To my surprise, as this picture shows, he let him get very close. The wolf would slowly approach, the bear would change position slightly, and the wolf would retreat for a while.

This cycle occurred four times during my observation.”

It’s getting tense, but I don’t think the wolf wants any piece of this big ol’ boy.

Watch it go down

Mama grizzly feeding cubs after hunting moose calf

nature, human…

A special grizzly bear in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park is a pretty big deal. Popular with tourists, “Bear 399” is arguably the most famous grizzly bear in the world.

Grizzly 399 was born in 1996 and according to Outdoor Life, she was given her name/number by the Yellowstone Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team, who have monitored her closely throughout her life.

She is 7 feet tall, weighs 400 pounds and has given birth to 16 cubs over the years. Although she has spent most of her life near tourist activities, the bear has never had negative contact with humans.

Rafael Sandoval was recently exploring Grand Teton National Park when he captured an absolutely stunning photo sequence of Bear 399 chasing a moose calf to feed her own young.

The images were originally shared by wildlife photographer Rafael Sandoval of Jackson Hole EcoTour Adventures (follow him).

“So this happened last night and my heart is still racing… This grizzly sow #399 bagged a moose calf for dinner for five after an intense hunt. In recent months, bears have been grazing on nutrient-rich vegetation such as grasses, flowers and roots in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

However, as prey like moose, bison, and deer start dropping calves as if it’s going out of style, bears have started to switch to tastier menu options. CALFeteria is open folks!”

CALFeteria? Brutally.

Despite being just a moose calf, the grizzly’s raw power and speed really shines through. Grizzlies can reach speeds of 35 mph, which is frighteningly fast when you think about it.

In one photo, the bear’s long sharp claws are clearly visible as it approaches and overpowers the baby moose.

The fact that the mama bear had 4 cubs in tow to feed them somehow makes the little moose’s passing less sad.

Once the moose was on the ground, these baby bears jumped on the thing like drunk people on a 2am pizza.

Elk crashes into a moving car to flee a wolf attack in Yellowstone

Matt Fluke of Idaho Falls, Idaho, was looking for a picnic spot with his family when the car behind him was smoked by a moose. Boom, straight into the side of your SUV.

Of course there’s nothing special about hitting a moose with your car, almost everyone who’s heard a country song has heard a deer once or twice. But this moose didn’t just cross the road, he ran for his life.

Yes, right after it slammed into the car and knocked itself out, a black wolf emerged from the trees just seconds behind.

“I didn’t look at my dash cam video until I got back to our accommodation. Originally I thought it happened behind this car. We stopped briefly and saw the moose on the road and the wolf with him.”

Of course they stopped to watch nature take its course.

Do you want to catch a moose? Just chase it into a moving car… the chase is over.

“There was a fork very close by and many other cars stopped there. You could see it from where we were, and the car behind me stopped and then pulled out and drove down the road… it was wild.”

Indeed wild. Yellowstone Wolf Pack Surrounds Grizzly Bear In “Once In A Lifetime” Footage

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