You Might Be Using Purple Shampoo Incorrectly–Here’s What To Do Instead

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Preserving hair color is a scientific art, and purple shampoo is the proof. Purple Shampoo uses crushed purple pigments to neutralize yellow tones, also known as copper cast, in blonde and silver hair. But it’s not quite as simple as soapy water, rinse and repeat.

Purple Shampoo’s effectiveness is rooted in color theory (more on that later). It also requires proper application to get desired results. Without clear knowledge of both, your purple shampoo could actually be doing more harm than good.

Here are some common ways to misuse your purple shampoo and, more importantly, how to use it correctly.

1. You use too much of it

Purple shampoo disperses purple pigments throughout the hair that bind to and cancel out yellow tones in your hair. However, less is more with this potent product. Using too much purple shampoo can bring too much purple into your tresses, making hair appear dark and dull.

Copperplate refers to the warm yellows and oranges that naturally occur in our hair. While too much can ruin the look of a cool, ashy blonde, too little can look unnatural and lifeless.

It is best to use a purple shampoo no more than once a week. Luckily, that just means you’re switching to higher quality products like Olaplex No. 4 bond maintenance can invest. Because you only need to apply once a week, this high-end hair care solution lasts longer.

2. You skip this important step

Purple shampoo is supposed to tonify Everyone of your hair which means you need to make sure you apply the product Everyone your hair. Uneven application can result in brassy or dull stains – nobody wants that.

To ensure your purple products reach every inch of your hair, get a wide-toothed shower comb. Use the comb to evenly distribute the shampoo or conditioner through your curls. Just be sure to comb softas wet hair is more prone to over-stretching and breakage.

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3. You don’t wait long enough

All too often we don’t give our hair products a fair chance to do their job. We apply it, rinse it out almost immediately, and then wonder why our new shampoo or conditioner isn’t working. Comb the product through your hair to combat this.

The second is closed Waiting. Purple shampoo should not be washed out immediately. Allow about three to seven minutes for the products to fully absorb into the hair shaft for maximum results. Rinsing off the product too soon is basically like giving your money away.

4. You are using the wrong product for your hair type

Purple shampoos can be incredibly drying. If you have thick or greasy hair, this may be less of a problem. But for those with dry, coarse, or very fine hair, using too much purple product can increase the risk of hair breakage.

Redkens Color Extend Blondage Express is a gentle hair mask that moisturizes during color correction. Using a mask or conditioner instead of shampoo can reduce the amount of drying your tresses experience to maintain a cool, non-brass color.

5. You (believe you) have the wrong hair color

Another common misconception about purple shampoo is that it is only for blond and silver hair. This goes back to color theory. Opposite colors on the color wheel – like purple and yellow – complement each other.

In this way, the violet pigments can soften and eliminate yellow tones. Since brunette and red hair is primarily orange, purple shampoo won’t do much for its overall color.

However, purple shampoo can Eliminate copper casts in brunette balayage, ombré and other highlighted looks. In addition, a blue shampoo like this one from Redken is effective in eliminating orange tones since blue and orange are complementary colors.

Depending on what tones you want to eliminate, brunettes and redheads can still use a purple or blue shampoo for color correction.

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6. They don’t follow with moisture

If you balance blonde or silver tones with purple shampoo, your hair is already stressed by the chemical processes of the hair color. If you are naturally gray haired, your hair will also be rougher and prone to dryness.

Therefore, it is incredibly important to keep your hair moisturized when using purple products. Verb’s Purple Hair Mask is a nourishing, vegan purple hair mask that softens and smoothes while toning. It contains provitamin B5, sunflower seed extract and açai extract for additional moisturizing power.

Whether you’re new to the world of purple products or a true pro, avoiding these common mistakes can give you the cool chic blonde and silver hair shade of your dreams.

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