Your Honor season 2 review

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Although much slower than its predecessor, High Court Season 2 is a worthy sequel that accurately portrays the weight of grief and loss, and the impact of corruption and cover-ups.

We’re reviewing Showtime series Your Honor season 2 without any significant spoilers.

The first season of High Court had viewers on the edge of their seats as they watched Adam (Hunter Doohan) flee a hit-and-run scene, leaving a dead boy behind. After Adam’s father MichaelBryan Cranston, who also happens to be a judge, learns of the tragic accident and insists his son has no choice but to confess. However, after it was revealed that the victim of the incident is the son of Gina (Hope Davis) and Jimmy Baxter Michael Stewart Stuhlbargan organized crime family in New Orleans, Michael has no choice but to keep the heinous crime a secret to protect his son.

In a twist of unfortunate but ironic events, the season ends with the brutal murder of Adam Eugene (Benjamin Flores Jr.)who wants revenge on Jimmy and plans to kill him, misses his target and accidentally shoots Adam dead instead.

When Showtime announced it High Court was renewed for a second season, it came as a surprise after an ending that cemented the fate of most of the characters involved. Fans could not help but wonder if a sequel was warranted or if the television drama would survive its reception with a second episode. Luckily, the writers have made audiences proud, and there’s certainly enough material to explore after the season one finale.

Your Honor Season 2 Review and Plot Summary

Season 2 of High Court focuses on the aftermath of Adam’s death and the grief that accompanies Michael. He is a broken, disheveled shell of a man who has lost the most important thing in his life, and his world will never be the same again. But as if his son’s sudden death wasn’t soul-shattering enough, there’s a new player in the game for him to contend with. Olivia (Rosie Perez), a federal prosecutor, suddenly appears at the scene and wants to use Michael as a pawn to bring down the Baxter family. Though Michael reluctantly offers his help, he feels cornered when she refuses to take no for an answer.

High Court Season 2 features a deeper exploration of each character and the different emotions that flow into the storyline. We as humans experience grief, love and loss. While viewers may not identify with every character, a deeper connection can be made when audiences understand their emotions. Season 2 of High Court may not be as compelling as the first, but each subplot is intriguing, and with some of the characters you can’t help but feel empathy for them as their journey unfolds.

The actors have to be commended for bringing so much emotion and tension into each of their roles. Michael feels an emptiness in his heart and Cranston does a fantastic job depicting the pain he experiences as a loving father who misses his son dearly. Stuhlbarg perfectly balances Jimmy’s calm and collected exterior with his menacing presence as viewers wait with bated breath to see when his halo might slip. Olivia is an alluring newcomer from the moment she hits the screen, and Perez impresses with assertiveness and manipulation.

Gina has a more prominent role in the following season, and we get a closer look at her strained relationship with Jimmy and a deeper understanding of who she is beneath the surface. The same applies to hello (Lilly Kay), who always felt like an outcast among her relatives, with a gentler nature. Her disinterest in the family business is greater than ever, and as expected, she is distraught after Adam’s brutal death. Fia’s storyline in Season 2 also has some surprises in store, and we get to see a side of her that we’ve never seen before.

Margo Martindale and Isiah Whitlock Jr. return as Elizabeth and Charlie, who, as lifelong friends of Michael following his devastating loss, feel an integral part of the series. Keith Machekanyanga and Benjamin Flores Jr. also reprise their roles as members of the Desire Gang while Andrene Ward Hammond plays her mob leader, Big Mo. Captivating on screen, Ward-Hammond is one of the most entertaining characters of the season, especially in terms of her interactions with the Baxter family.

Is Your Honor Season 2 Good On Showtime?

Season 2 of High Court is a fantastic sequel, and if you enjoyed the first, the second is definitely worth the time invested. The cast is outstanding, everyone working together to create tension that could be cut with a knife.

Audiences experience a lot more character development in Season 2, and while it might not be as fast-paced as its predecessor, it takes time to build up each storyline to give viewers a closer look at what’s happening beneath the surface.

There are also some startling revelations you won’t see coming and touching moments that will touch hearts.

What do you think of Your Honor Season 2? Comment below. Your Honor season 2 review

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