Your rights if you miss a flight because you’re stuck in an airport queue

British holidaymakers have been hit by a new wave of travel chaos at airports amid staff shortages, supply chain problems, IT disruptions, delays and cancellations.

Airlines have canceled hundreds of flights ahead of the anniversary bank holiday weekend, which is expected to be one of the busiest weeks in years for the travel industry. Passengers have faced long queues at airports across the country this week and many families have missed their flights as a result.

If your plans are affected, what can you do?

What rights do I have if my flight is cancelled?

All airlines must offer compensation for flights canceled at short notice, so passengers affected by cancellations this week may be able to receive a payout from the airlines.

If the trip was 1,500 km (932 miles) or less, customers can claim £220. This is £350 for flights within Europe of more than 1,500km and all other flights between 1,500km and 3,500km. For all other journeys of more than 3,500 km the payment is £520.

However, those payments are halved if the airline offers an alternative flight that gets you to your destination within two hours of your original flight time when traveling 1,500km or less. For journeys between 1,500 km and 3,500 km in Europe, the deadline is three hours. Flights for all other journeys have a four-hour break.

Customers are only eligible for these payments if the cancellations are not due to “extraordinary circumstances” – namely situations beyond the airline’s control, such as a flight. B. bad weather and terror alerts.

What rights do I have if my flight was delayed?

If a flight from the UK or on a UK airline (or arriving in the UK on an EU airline) is delayed, the airline must cover ‘reasonable’ costs for food and drink, telephone and email access and accommodation , if the delay is overnight .

Compensation depends on the distance traveled and the duration of the delay. For flights less than 1,500 km, airlines have to cover these costs after a two-hour delay. This increases to three hours for flights between 1,500 km and 3,500 km and to four hours for flights over 3,500 km.

After a three-hour delay on short-haul flights, customers can claim £220 or £350 for flights between 1,500km and 3,500km. For longer flights, the entitlement is £520 after four hours.

If the flight is delayed five hours, customers are entitled to a full refund within seven days provided they don’t catch the flight. If they catch the flight, they can still claim up to £520 as long as the airline is at fault for the delay.

Even if the flight is canceled due to problems at the airport, such as B. faulty check-in systems or problems with security checks, passengers can request a refund from their airline, which will then try to recover the money from the airport.

If you miss your flight because you’re stuck in queues, you can’t make a claim from the airline, but if half the passengers are stuck, the airline probably delayed the flight.

Can I get a refund if I miss my flight due to airport queues?

Getting stuck in long airport queues is incredibly frustrating, especially when you arrive in time for a flight. However, you are unlikely to be entitled to a refund if this causes you to miss your flight.

If you miss your flight due to airport queues, this is the airport’s responsibility – and the airline is not liable for any compensation. Passengers may be able to reclaim Air Passenger Duty, the tax paid on the ticket, but this is typically a refund of £13 per economy passenger traveling through Europe.

However, the airline is responsible for long queues at check-in or baggage drop-off. If you arrived at the airport by the airline’s instructed time and still missed your flight because of a long wait at check-in, you may have claims against the airline under the Consumer Rights Act, according to the Consumer Group.

However, the procedure is not easy and could well involve a court case. The best advice if you’re stuck in a check-in queue and don’t have time is to notify a member of staff and ask that your flight be expedited. Contact your airline as soon as possible if it seems that you will not reach the gate on time.

Can I claim the cost of a flight with another airline?

In some cases yes, but this tactic is risky. If the airline does not offer a suitable alternative flight, you can try to rebook with a competitor and claim this back from the original airline as an expense.

But which one? recommends this only when all other options have been exhausted.

It warned that requesting an alternative flight on another airline may only work if the reason for travel is “extraordinarily time-sensitive”, such as a flight. a funeral, a job interview, or the wedding of a close relative. A claim can also be successful if you have to wait more than a few days for the rebooked flight offered by the original airline.

The? Said: “It is important that you do not cancel your existing booking as this puts you in a much stronger position to claim back the cost of your alternative flight.”

Can I get my money back if my Covid documentation is wrong?

Customers who are unable to travel because their Covid documentation is incorrect cannot claim money from the airline. If the test results are not received in a timely manner, they may be able to request a refund for the tests from their test center. However, you cannot claim compensation for missed flights.

However, this could be covered by your travel insurance. However, many policies have Covid-related exceptions, so double-check your policy to make sure you’re covered.

Can I get money back if the ferry is delayed?

Motorists traveling abroad are also dealing with significant delays this weekend due to heavy traffic jams in Dover and other ports. Refund rules for ferry travel are different than for flights, but customers are entitled to a refund if their departure is canceled or delayed.

Ferry customers can get a quarter of the ticket price refunded for a journey of up to four hours in the event of a one-hour delay.

For journeys between four and eight hours, this guideline jumps to two hours. For eight to 24-hour journeys, customers can request compensation after waiting three hours.

If the delays are more than twice these waiting times, the compensation increases to 50 percent of the ticket price. The money must be paid within one month of the claim.

Like airlines, ferry companies are not required to compensate passengers when the causes of delays are beyond their control, such as: B. Weather conditions that would affect the safety of passengers. Your rights if you miss a flight because you’re stuck in an airport queue

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