Yvonne Strahovski Breaks Down That Shocking ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Finale Twist

I’m excited to see how that develops into a, as you said, simple moment like this, which also opens up a whole new path for these two characters who have been on this kind of parallel journeys up until now.

I don’t know if we thought about it too much. There was a line – is it there? I didn’t see it, but should I ask her for a diaper in the scene?

Yes you do. That’s the last line of the season.

Oh my God. OK. So they kept that. [Laughs] Yes, we’ve had so much to be honest, most of the discussion is about the line. It’s this big season finale on paper, and here I am asking for a diaper. So it’s like: That’s a little weird! How do we make it so obvious it’s not about the diaper, but what’s going on between these two women? We did a lot of different shots of the ending. We have made versions without the line. We did versions where I just said her name and she meant it. We made versions with the diaper line, then we changed the diaper line. It was a whole different hodgepodge of possible endings with and without a diaper. Excited to see where they ended up with it. [Laughs]

It’s cute in a weird way – whatever setting they used, that’s my takeaway.

There was also the practical talk, my baby is much smaller than yours. Does it make sense to ask for a diaper? How many would I already have?

For me, the line really just spoke to the story of the characters in a lot of ways. There’s a sense of humor in the moment they realize, well, here we are.

Yes. Maybe that’s why we didn’t talk too much about the scene itself, because I think we both felt there was a lightness to that scene. We never thought of taking ourselves seriously. The irony is that it felt like we should lean in. And so it was like, oh my god, of course, Naturally You’re there.

In terms of episode structure, and indeed the structure of the entire season, this reveal obviously comes as a surprise to audiences. In those moments when we haven’t been with Serena for a while, do you fill in the blanks just in terms of what happened that we can’t see that’s not on the page?

Yes, I’ve thought a lot about what could have happened to her. There was also this question: well, is she recognizable at this point? How extensive is that? Or how small is that kind of idea that it might be recognizable to some people? I thought: Well, which way would she have gone? In my opinion she would have ended up in some kind of shelter where she could be anonymous and dress and get some kind of help like clothes. She wears super normal clothes like jeans and somehow manages to get on this train, which I think would have been the greatest gamble. There was a discussion about how to get an ID card, a refugee passport, and how to remain anonymous. I mean she’s smart so she should have figured it out.

https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2022/11/yvonne-strahovski-handmaids-tale-season-five-finale-exclusive Yvonne Strahovski Breaks Down That Shocking ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Finale Twist


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