Zuckerberg Just Can’t Stop Losing

It seems like big tech oligarch Mark Zuckerberg changed the name from Facebook to Meta and the company is facing metastatic problems.

In the final blow, Meta lost a major court case Thursday when a jury in Austin, Texas, found that Meta violated the intellectual property protections of an app company called Voxer, according to Business Insider, which said it reviewed a court document detailing the Decision.

Voxer went live in 2011; Facebook’s streaming feature, Facebook Live, which Voxer claims uses some of its proprietary technology, began rolling out in August 2015. In 2020, Voxer filed suit against Facebook and then pursued separate court cases against the tech giant in the UK the following year. according to register.

“Voxer said in its first 2020 complaint that its founder, an Army veteran named Tom Katis, began developing communications technology in 2006 after noticing deficiencies in walkie-talkie technology while serving in Afghanistan,” it said Business Insider.

Meta had asked the jury to invalidate Voxer’s patents, but that motion was denied, and instead the company formerly known as Facebook was ordered to pay Voxer $174.5 million for infringing on Voxer’s patents.


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Zuckerberg had previously faced serious allegations and heavy penalties. In 2009, Facebook paid up to $65 million in cash and stock to settle a lawsuit alleging that Zuckerberg stole the idea for Facebook from three of his Harvard classmates who had interests in a company called ConnectU.

“Its owners claimed that Zuckerberg, who helped found Facebook, stole the idea, technology, design and business plan when they were students at Harvard,” the Guardian reports.

But Meta’s legal battles aren’t the only thing that’s given social media a bad rap.

A December 2021 Washington Post-Schar School poll found that 72 percent of Americans have little to no confidence in how Facebook handles private, personal information.

Does Meta pose a significant threat to democracy?

Only 10 percent of respondents believe that Facebook has a positive effect on society; 56 percent said Facebook had a negative impact.

Since then, Meta has suffered some serious setbacks that may push those numbers down — or maybe result from them.

In February, Facebook announced that it had experienced a decline in user numbers for the first time ever. Zuckerberg lost an estimated $29 billion from the resulting plummeting stock value.

On July 1, Reuters reported that Zuckerberg announced to metaworkers that he expected a serious downturn in business. He expected layoffs.

In August, Zuckerberg admitted that the FBI warned about disinformation during the 2020 election and that Meta used this as an excuse to suppress information on Facebook about Hunter Biden’s laptop. Republican senators have requested to see the FBI’s communications.


Zuckerberg Loses Big: $71 Billion in Net Worth WEG, More Fortune Lost Than Any Other Billionaire

Hunter Biden’s laptop, full of evidence of possible crimes, was later confirmed to be authentic.

In September, things got worse for Meta and its CEO when South Korea’s Personal Information and Protection Commission announced a $22 million fine for Meta for illegally tracking users’ internet activity.

In Texas, the US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has dealt a blow to the censorship for which Facebook has become notorious. The court upheld HB 20, which prohibited opinion-based restrictions on social media platforms with over 50 million monthly US users.

After all, Zuckerberg lost an estimated $71 billion in Joe Biden’s economic downturn. According to Business Insider, he is now the 20th richest person in the world with a meager net worth of just $55.3 billion.

What a shame.

https://www.westernjournal.com/zuckerberg-just-cant-stop-losing-meta-smacked-another-massive-lawsuit/ Zuckerberg Just Can’t Stop Losing


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